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UAV technology for any drones for a fully autonomous flight which is equipped by artificial intelligence, various interfacing options for IoT applications and many more.. .

Autonomous Flight

HackCraft is fully autonomous flight system which performs operations with no human interaction for better accuracy because of on-board computing abilities.


Apart from the main processing machine HackCraft system is also capable of interfacing with any microcontroller or microprocessor so that the drones can perform additional activities like IoT, agriculture, defense, and search & rescue operations.

Boundaryless Connectivity

HackCraft drones can be controlled from anywhere from the world. We provide 3 ways of connectivity by which drones can be controlled in real-time across the globe.
The connectivity is fully secured.

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HackCraft V2.0

Python based drone for autonomous flight and drone technology equipped with intelligence

Autonomous Flight.
Various interfacing options are available to connect any external microprocessor and micro-controller to the HackCraft's main processing machine. Also all sensors like the camera, thermal sensor, LiDAR, multispectral camera, gas sensors, etc. can be interfaced.
Control It From Anywhere From the World.
Ready to deploy user's scripts for various user-defined operations.
The new custom frame is more stable and can fly faster than the traditional drones.
HackCraft V2.1

Control Drones via the Internet from a Web Application.

Control HackCraft drones fully from a web-application via buttons over local Wi-Fi network or over the internet securely in real-time.
Designed in such a way so that it will take less time to learn how to fly the drones.
Gives more precise and accurate flight control for operation.
Highly stabilized.
HackCraft V2.2

Python based Drone Swarm Technology

Select the area in which you want to do the operation such as Search & Rescue, Agriculture field/farm analysis and spray, Landmine Detection, IoT based monitoring, etc. Then Select the number of HackCraft Drones available. Now Those drones will automatically divide your selected area and execute their work parallelly.
Reduces the time of the whole operation by 50%-70%. (depending on the number of HackCraft Drones selection)
Increase in efficiency and precision.


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